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The London firm J. Wix & Sons is best known for its Kensitas cigarettes which, back in the 1930s, were promoted by several outstanding series, most notably the silk flags and flowers, then Henry. By this time the company was owned by the American Tobacco Co., a hint of which came when the British Empire Flags silks appeared bearing the words "printed in U.S.A" But it was the Henry cards which really emphasised the trans-atlantic connection. The parent company commissioned Carl Anderson, the well-known American strip-cartoonist, to produce a series of pictures each of which was a complete episode in the life of a mischievous boy Henry who gets up to all sorts of hilarious capers. These proved hugely popular when issued in the States with Tareyton cigarettes, and were switched to the UK market in 1935. In just over a year five different series of fifty were issued, You can't fail to be amused by the fronts, and amazed at the backs which blatantly state that Kensistas protect your throat against irritation and cough, endorsed by 1004 doctors!